Bio-Hybrid the Future of Mobility?

The city of the future is digital and connected and this has seen the birth of smart solutions across the world. One of the most notable ones is the Bio-Hybrid vehicle which is a new, modern form of personal mobility and means of transportation.

Livable cities require new forms of transportation. The Bio‑Hybrid is fun, trendy, eco-friendly, healthy and supports an urban lifestyle. New forms of available mobility will change the infrastructure in our cities. The Bio‑Hybrid closes the gap between bicycles and cars. As cities keep growing, so will the transportation of goods. With the Bio‑Hybrid the movement of goods will be emission-free. 


Two Versions: Passenger and Cargo

The Cargo and Passenger versions share the same modular platform delivering high levels of comfort and maximum safety standards. Due to its four wheels, the concept offers exceptional driving stability. As a result of having a roof and a windshield, the vehicle can be used in any type of weather and thus in all seasons. It is hardly wider than a normal bicycle and can be operated on bicycle paths as well with zero emissions. In addition, the Bio‑Hybrid only requires a third of the parking space of a small car and can be operated in most countries without a license and vehicle registration. The electric traction motor assists the operator – as in the case of a pedelec – up to a speed of 25 km/h. (250–750 watts rated output power (depending on national laws and regulations).

The Passenger version offers a new form of personal and design-oriented urban mobility. It comfortably seats two people behind one another. The Cargo version provides a variable solution for zero-emissions hauling of goods. The modular body makes the Bio‑Hybrid a veritable quick-change artist: refrigeration vehicle, coffee shop or locked stowage compartment – anything is possible. In terms of cargo volume and payload, the Cargo version is perfectly prepared to handle hauling requirements in urban areas and provides an alternative within the future mobility mix.  

An effective infrastructure is the key to a livable city. It ensures prosperity and social wellbeing. Thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity, car and ride sharing models will help to decongest traffic. Cross-system networks will make local public transportation accessible also to people whose personal mobility needs it has previously failed to meet. The Bio‑Hybrid is more than just a vehicle. It is part of a connected and digital world.


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Text :Taku Rusere

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