THE ARCHITECTS ACT - SECTION 39 (1(a)) : “A person who is not a Registered Architect shall not perform the work of an Architect”

It is brought to the attention of the general public that unfortunately there are unqualified and unregistered people out there who are masquerading as Architects.

Note that under the Architects Act (1975), no person other than a Registered Architect with the Architects Council of Zimbabwe, shall use the title and style of Architect and/or hold office as an Architect or carry out duties and functions of an Architect (by whatever name called) either in Government or in any other local body or Institution or in private organization. The only Architect in either name or function is a Registered Architect.

All such persons who are not currently registered with the Architects Council of Zimbabwe are encouraged to stop using the title and style of Architect and to desist from carrying out the duties and functions of an Architect with immediate effect.

The Architects Council of Zimbabwe is required, by law, to take legal action against any persons guilty of any misrepresentation, misuse of the title and style of Architect, and of unregistered or unqualified persons illegally practicing architecture.

The Architects Council has recently taken legal action against such a person who was illegally carrying out the work of an Architect. The result was a criminal conviction against that person.

Members of the public, contractors and professionals alike are encouraged to report any such illegal actions by unregistered persons to the Architects Council of Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, any persons who believe that they have the necessary educational qualifications and experience to complete their registration as an Architect are encouraged to contact the Architects Council of Zimbabwe to ascertain if they are able to become a registered Architect.

The general public are encouraged to choose a qualified and registered Architect for your next project.
Please contact the Architects Council of Zimbabwe at the address below if you have any further questions.
Architects Council of Zimbabwe
July 2018